Prettier Heart

* There,

Some build the World solely with own wealthy,

While others get bright by being well-educated,

Where as numerous still powerful and influence;

All making same Home something good alive.

* At the side,

Several falls sweat together blood in narrow way,

meantime many face adventurous sacrifice instead,

when non-profit oriented ones rather scattered,

Whole hoping sweet future echoing constancy.

* On the other, unlike,

Of different wrong doers, so odd images appear,

lots, isolated-stress, but none care their crestfallen,

most yet suffer unfair pain hence fierce burn raise;

Every people has unpleasant days poorly ability.

* In the review,

Its belonging also right differ various mankind light,

somewhat hearty feel, scoring brilliantly taking win,

lost more, as repeated hurt let ugly sorrowing feats;

Though each heart of body as well spirit almost same.

* Last,

That black-white mix overcome earthly pure scene,

apparently multi fear per weak fill head to heart,

unique, among them, great injury one precious than;

For truly touch the taste of Life thru born to die way.

Ywar Thit Poe

Friday, March 12, 2010

Malaysia Karen Organisation

Malaysia Karen Organisation (MKO) is one of the refugee organization in Malaysia. It was established at January 10, 2005. Actually, since earlier time some Karen ethnics in Malaysia already organized Malaysia Karen Youth Organization (MKYO), but at 2005 MKO (Malaysia Karen Organisation) was chosen and approved by all Karen ethnic leaders and members.
The activities of MKO are especially health, education, detention and registration with UNHCR for Karen refugees in Malaysia. There were about over 6,000 members in December 2009.
Karen tribe is one of the 7 majority ethnics (Kachin, Karenni, Karen, Chin, Mon, Shan) in Burma. Karen ethnics were entered this country (now we call Burma or Myanmar) since over BC 700 years ago. But now most of Karen ethnics in Burma were seriously oppressed and treated unfairly by the governor and army of the country. They couldn't live in their own places and states anymore because several numbers of their houses, shelters and villages were burnt and destroyed by the military soldiers.
Though all Karen ethnics live spread all the places in Burma, numerous Karen people settled down in the villages and towns in Karen state, Pago` division and Ayeyarwady division. All Karen people in Burma were treated unjustly with very few opportunity of their development and their lives were threatened by Burma military. Almost all the villages in Karen state were strongly discriminated and damaged. Many Karen refugees were not possible to continue to live in their residences and fled to Thai border and inside Thailand. But they are still facing more struggles and problems there, and so they moved to Malaysia gradually.
But even some refugees in Malaysia frighten polices and try to avoid them and operations as they would be captured or arrested by them and immigration. They also don't have any access to legal employment and formal education. So they were challenged by various of depression and stress (because of their safety, food, health, education and welfare needs). So Malaysia Karen Orgnanisation (MKO) stands for all the Karen in Malaysia and help those who are deeply need in help.